"If you find yourself single in a couples world, then Suddenly Single is a must buy for you. This book is needed by every single person looking to understand the process of personal growth necessary to once again have a committed successful relationship."

Dr. William Krieger
Clinical Counselor

"An amazingly inspired, sensitive and thorough account of the experience of being 'Suddenly Single.' Carraro takes us on a journey in which we gain perspective that we are not alone. A must for both men and women who find themselves 'Suddenly Single.'"

Judy C. Walker, M.D.

Being Suddenly Single is a journey of well-intentioned people who hoped and loved, and were committed to their relationships, only to find those relationships failed. The book was written as a result of extensive research for my PhD dissertation on human behavior. I found that the situation of suddenly becoming single through divorce had a profound and debilitating effect on so many lives. When a divorce or failed relationship occurred, causing single life to be thrust upon someone, confusion reigned not only in their personal lives but affected every area of their productivity, including in their workplace.

Single life became a new experience even though being single had been experienced before. Being single presented a whole new set of circumstances and rules and a lifestyle that didn't seem to exist before the divorce or failed relationship occurred. Divorce appears to be the end, rather than single life the beginning.

Being single presents so many mixed emotions that always seem to include being lonely, isolated, embarrassed, frustrated and failing, because of a failed relationship. It appears that you are alone with everyone wondering why, how and what will you do now that you are divorced and single. You think that no one could possibly be going through or survive a divorce as you have, and experience any hope of success being single. Instead of feeling single and starting over, so many people feel divorced and betrayed, or lonely and confused.

So many men and women feel painfully alone after becoming Suddenly Single, not realizing that there are so many others going through the same feelings and experiences. When we hear their stories, however, we learn of hopelessness changing into hope, and we gain a sense of a happier journey awaiting, with less emphasis being placed on being divorced, single and lonely and more emphasis placed on growing by yourself.

Suddenly Single, the book, explores the phenomenon of the "Suddenly Single" predicament through interviews and anecdotes from my extensive travels through life and my own personal experiences and failed relationships, as well as the experiences of hundreds of people with whom I became acquainted, with similar stories, who so desperately needed to know that they were not alone, and, of course, that they would grow into another relationship and not be single anymore. After all, being single is a process that we all need to go through to reach a fulfilling relationship on the other side of our single experiences. Eventually, the word single becomes less important, and will disappear from your vocabulary as you become the person you always wanted to be. I hope my stories make it an easier and more worthwhile experience.

Joseph Carraro, Ph.D
Author of Suddenly Single


"This book really helped me let go of the past and move on."
Ellen, Pennsylvania

"Suddenly Single let me see that I'm not alone and there is hope for the future."
Will, Missouri

"I loved the stories. I could really relate to many of them."
Edward, Maine

"Suddenly Single showed me that I can still find a meaningful, loving relationship, and that my divorce was just a chapter in my life that had ended."
Karen, Florida

"Having gone through a very painful breakup, I thought I'd never get over it, but this book really taught me how to let go and begin a new positive outlook on life and that I will find love again — maybe even better this time!"
Carrie Anne, California

"I was so angry I couldn't think straight and had real difficulty moving on to a better place. Suddenly Single helped me think straight again."
Pete, New Jersey

"Needless to say I was unprepared for what happened and what was ahead. Your book helped me with a plan."
Laura, Montana

"My friends and family had no idea what I was going through and they just kept telling me that time would heal all wounds and that I just needed to get over it. Then one of them sent me your book. Thanks for understanding."
Kate, California

"I had this empty feeling that all my plans and dreams were shattered and that I would never be able to experience again the love that I had lost. Your book helped me get beyond that."
Rachel, New York

"Being lonely was the worst feeling I had ever experienced, but after reading Suddenly Single I was able to accept being alone and coping with the challenges that became a positive part of my life."
Art, California

"Just thinking that this could only be happening to me made me desperate, until I realized all the other people going through the same thing."
Mike, Texas

"I felt so worthless and unloved that I didn't think I could survive. Thanks for the insights."
JR, Michigan

"If I couldn't trust the love of my life how could I ever trust anyone again? You were absolutely right — you've got to trust yourself first."
DB, Nevada

"I was so down because of my break-up, I had trouble concentrating at work. My company actually has a small library of books on self-help for employees and I read your book.. It helped me focus on myself and my future and also my work."
LB, Oregon